Why should I join NHW?

Benefits of Neighbourhood Watch in your Suburb

A Neighbourhood Watch group …

  • cares about what happens in neighbourhoods
  • develops community spirit
  • provides a voice for the community
  • improves communication between ACT Policing and the community and seeks to improve the quality of information provided to ACT Policing
  • provides community education about safety, security and well-being, through regular newsletters
  • encourages reporting of crime and suspicious activity to ACT Policing 
  • encourages people to correctly identify and record all personal and household items of value
  • distributes crime prevention messages
  • seeks to improve and monitor the levels of personal safety and household security in any given local area

How do I get involved with Neighbourhood Watch?

Complete the membership application form.
To find out about your local group or how you can facilitate or start up a NHW group in your area, contact:

Apply to be a member:
Email Link: membershipsecretary@nhwact.org.au

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ACT Neighbourhood Watch

Connect With Us

Neighbourhood Watch is a community led safety and awareness program working in partnership with police.

NHW aims to prevent crime, stop social isolation and increase the safety, security and quality of life for everyone in the community.

Contact Info

Address: 2 Grattan Ct,

                WANNIASSA,  ACT  2903